About Us

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Who we are
SJS CAR WASHING LLC is committed to creating the best possible car wash and valuating system, whilst also being the most environmentally friendly car wash available for the business operator.

SJS CAR WASHING doesn’t require any external storage, water or electrical supply to operate, therefore reducing fixed costs to the facilities Management or business user.

We use the latest in waterless technology. We ensure that your site is left in the pristine condition as it was before the carwash.

We Give priority and attend to safety and environment issues. All necessary safety gears deployed to our every employees during working time. Presently our organization is working all over the Dubai and we are taking decision to make essential development and improvement in our activities in the field of Car Wash & Cleaning.

Our workers are well trained, good mannered and good conduct in dealing with the clients and are tasked to discharge their duties up to full satisfaction of the clients.
Our equipment are properly handled to ensure that we will not cause any sort of inconvenience for to the customers.
We take care of proper disposal of the waste in the nearest waste/garbage collection bins and take immense care so that no liquid wastes are left behind in the service area. Our staffs are responsible to clean the serviceable area.
We provide proper Identification Cards, Passport and Labour Card copies of the SJS Car Washers in Serviceable areas.